The Wounded Healers® consist of a group of volunteers who have also suffered losses in their lives through death. Their experience and training now enables them to provide opportunities for people to come together and share their burdens of grief.

Meetings are held at:

St. James the Less Catholic Church
9640 Kennedy Avenue
Highland, IN
(Corner of Kennedy Avenue & 45th Street)
Room 2 for “Beginnings” sign in; Rooms 8 & 9 for “Advanced” sessions


As most of you already know, we had to cancel our Wounded Healers® “Spring” Series sessions due to the COVID-19 virus. The virus also caused the closing of St. James, as well as all other places we could consider. But St. James has spoiled us. We need and use six rooms, a large TV, and room for refreshments. And parking is not a problem, either. So, depending on Indiana’s Governor, and the Bishop of Gary for the St. James’ rooms, we’ll see when we can open.

We thought at the beginning that we could resume on April 15, but that didn’t happen. Eventually we had to call a halt to our “Spring” Series, leaving Sessions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 incomplete, with only Session 1 completed.

We also considered our “Summer” Series, with the beginning date of June 10. But most of our facilitators are older and the Rule for that age says “Stay at home”. We need our facilitators! Without them there can’t be any sessions! That leaves our “Fall” Series which begins on September 9. Hopefully we will all be “safe” by then, things will return to ‘normal’and we can resume, though we may still have to be ‘careful’.

Wear your mask, if need be, and if we need to observe the “6 ft. social space”, it will happen. Refreshments are still up for grabs, and if we have your phone number, you will be called with the start-up date (if September 9 doesn’t work). We hope very much to see you on the 9th! In the meantime, please take very good care of yourself… and know that the death you are experiencing is a normal, natural thing. (I know, it doesn’t feel normal.) It does help, though, to better understand what is happening… and to be with others who are going through the same. We hope to see you soon.

Sincerely… The Wounded Healers®



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