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We offer a Spring Series, a Summer Series, and Fall Series.

Each series consists of six sessions that take place on alternate Wednesdays. Some grievers find that, after completing one of the series, they have the skills they need to help cope with their loss and require no further help from the Wounded Healers. Some grievers find it useful to return for one more series; for these grievers we offer advanced groups.

The following groups are for new attendees:

These specialized groups allow grievers to share their stories with those ``who walk in similar shoes.'' The losses suffered do not have to be recent to join one of these groups. The basics of the grieving process and the tools to move forward form the basic components of these Beginning groups, and friends are often made. The facilitators for these sessions have experienced the same types of losses as the groups they lead.

There are two Advanced groups that deal with the more difficult issues of grief that seem to hang on:

All of the five groups meet on the same days, however each group meets in a different room. The groups are non-denominational and free of charge. Donations to cover the cost of the materials are accepted.

Comprehensive Information is Provided

``In 1988, when my husband was killed in an accident, we really struggled through the days and months that followed because there was no one to help us understand what we were experiencing; no one to tell me, my children and other family members that we needed to grieve in order to heal, and that grieving was a long, lengthy, complicated process. We needed information so we would feel less helpless; we needed to share with other people who could understand and accept us as we were (not as they thought we should be). As we emerged out of this, I knew I needed to take all the experiences, resources and knowledge I had gained from working with specialized national agencies to create a grief support program and present it to the community ... so no one else would ever again have to go through this alone and uninformed. I was fortunate to have five wonderful people to help me do this ... and we call ourselves THE WOUNDED HEALERS®.''

Pat Kish, Founder and Director of the Wounded Healers®

The Wounded Healers® is a non-denominational program of grief recovery.